The world’s premier manufacturer of mobile telescoping masts, towers, trailer systems, and pan and tilt positioners.


Specialized in the production of mobile precision mast systems and military transport systems.

RF Optic

RF Over Fiber solutions are programmable and offer the best cost performance ratio, featuring noise figure of 6dB and gain link of around 40dB.
Optical Delay Line solutions (including Mini ODL) support up to 255 delay states and 1000 microseconds while maintaining excellent performance.


Electrostatic discharge simulator, Equipment system for EMS test, Automotive system for customer request.

INNCO Systems

Positioning system for EMC measurement systems, including HF, Wireless, Antenna and Anechoic Chamber applications.


Optical converter, develops and produces electronic test and monitoring devices for EMC laboratories.


Produce and developed EMC Antennas, LISN/AMT, EMI Receiver, Pulse Generators, Helmholtz Coils, Dummy Lamps, Absorbing Clamps, Striplines, TEM-Cells, CDN, Preamplifiers and other RF equipment


Solutions for EMC emissions and immunity testing to meet various global EMC test standards.


ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Calibration (including data) of Longitudinal Conversion Loss for all pairs, common mode impedance, phase, decoupling isolation and voltage division factor.

bda connectivity

Special Cable – pioneers in communication technology and are producing special cables optimized for each field.

BONN Elektronik

Designs and produces customized solutions with RF power amplifiers and RF power amplifier systems.


Manufacturer of highest performance EMC test equipment and provides advanced EMI test solutions pushing your product development and testing capabilities ahead, and speeding up your time to market cycles. 


double channel receiver for complete measurements of conducted emissions up to 110 MHz. Fast and accurate EMI measurements and innovative Modal measurements (common and differential mode) for an effective filter design.


Rely on Wolfd-Class Broadband Antennas. Thoughtfully designed, precisely crafted, and absolutely unrivaled reliable antennas that customers from all over the world trust.


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